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General psychology and health


This page provides Melbourne Health Psychology Centre policy on how we currently operate due to coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus and panic

This post provides an overview of the interview our psychologist Valeria Zoteyeva gave on SBS Radio on Friday 13 of March. It looks at the following questions: Why do we feel like panicking about Coronavirus? Why panicking about coronavirus is not helpful? What can be more helpful things to do?…

Importance of relationships

Relationships are integral to our mental health, and the quality of our intimate relationships has a significant impact on whether we experience psychological health (or illness). Key ingredients for a quality or ‘good’ relationship include secure attachment, validation and a higher ratio of positive to negative interactions. Even ‘good’ relationships…

Self-sabotage, Self defeat and Self-neglect

Many of us engage in counterproductive self-sabotaging behaviours. We may self-sabotage our relationships or careers for example, in a misguided attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt or experiencing negative emotions. Such behaviour is driven by subconscious impulses for punishment and deprivation.

Depression and low mood

Depression and low mood problems are the result of a partial or full shut down of our internal psychological system in response to an emotionally intense experience. The individual’s internal psychological system is in crisis and is flooded with feelings of helplessness, powerlessness and a sense of never-ending doom.

Anxiety problems

Anxiety problems can take many different shapes. Anxiety is fear of our own internal reactions to events happening in external world. It can also be attached to internal stimuli such as thoughts and memories. This page provides an overview of what anxiety is, how it operates on our psychology, and…

Disordered Eating

This page provides a brief overview of three main forms of disordered eating problems, what psychological therapy for eating disorders involves, and some questions to consider when you are not sure whether you have an eating problem and how healthy your eating habits are.

What our clients wished they knew long before entering therapy

This post will outlines some of the things that our clients wished they knew before entering psychological therapy in order to have a stronger and more effective start. It will cover basic description of the internal processes, to help you to have a bit more clarity and understanding about how…

On real and fake forgiveness

We are told that forgiving is good. But what is good about it? What the real forgiveness is and what it is not. And how do we really forgive? This blog post explores all of these forgiveness related questions and more.

Lifestyle factors and your health

This post is an overview on the most common lifestyle factors which can impact on our physical and mental health, and which can boost our well-being. These including positive and quality relationships, physical exercise; eating habits; sleep; listening to music; reading; watching series; challenging yourself to perform well and to…

Night-terrors and nightmares explained

Night-terrors, nightmares and other sleep problems related to difficulties with emotional processing of painful experiences occur when their mind and body are trying to process and let go of conflicting and painful emotional material. This painful material which during the day we might be able to avoid or which can…

A very short intro to chronic pain

Chronic pain is experienced differently by every individual in terms of location, intensity, frequency and duration of the pain, as well as the impact on the individual psychologically. Psycho-physiological pain, or physically expressed pain with emotional bases, can be treated successfully with ISTDP.

How Christmas can add to suffering

Christmas can be an exciting time to have fun, to reflect on our achievements and success, and to appreciate and enjoy what we have got. Why is it then the time during which many people struggle psychologically the most? In this post we will outline the main reasons why Christmas…

Peak performance

This is a first post in a series about what helps success. These series will cover the importance of focus, will, goal and determination and commitment to achieve it. We will look at the practical components of effective performance and recovery routine, helpfulness of introducing positive challenges for building up…

psychological health

We are being frequently asked what is the "right way to feel and act?", and even though we don't get tired of reminding people that only they know what is right for them, we do offer an overview of what the good psychological regulation process looks like. You can read…

Sleep problems

This post is the first post in the sleep problem series. It provides an overview of the main types of sleeping difficulties at different stages throughout the night.  Because we are a psychological practice, we will only focus on those sleep difficulties that can be assisted psychologically. 

On Anxiety

On Anxiety, part II. Anxiety is a learned bodily fearful response to our internal emotional experiences, and is NOT a fear of what actually happens in the reality. Anxiety can be triggered by either negative, or positive, or mixed emotions. Roughly speaking, anxiety is a learned fear of our honest…


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