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Our Practitioner

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Valeria Zoteyeva is a registered Health Psychologist with many years of experience working in private practices, public and private hospitals, non-for-profit and corporate organizations in Australia and overseas. She is also an experienced provider of online and over-the-phone psychology services.

Valeria Zoteyeva graduated as a psychologist/lecturer in psychology with speciality in performance and organisational psychology from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia, followed by her Masters of Psychology (Health) from Monash University. As a part of her Health Psychology Masters she did research in emotional and general health benefits of music listening in population with a high prevalence of trauma. The outcomes of her research were published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented at several international conferences. Valeria also completed her registrar program in pain management and certificate in sleep psychology with Australian Psychological Society.

For the past seven years Valeria has been a dedicated learner of highly effective evidence based intensive psychotherapy technique and was mastering her skills at an advanced level. 

In addition to undertaking an extensive training in Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy training, Valeria completed comprehensive training in (and is a skillful user of) the following evidence based treatment modalities: cognitive and behavioural interventions for a range of chronic health conditions; cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), emotion focused therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy; schema therapy; and mindfulness.

In order to provide a good quality treatment Valeria Zoteyeva adheres to highly structured evidence based technique balanced with caring human connection, which allow her and her clients to connect in a very meaningful and liberating for them way.  With consistency and care she encourages her clients to move towards their positive growth, freedom, and developing ability to gracefully embrace diversity of their life experiences for their own benefit. Valeria encourages her clients to build an honest and compassionate relationship with themselves, to become a more engaged, strong and confident owner of their life, and even to flourish and grow under pressure. 

In her work Valeria Zoteyeva is committed: 

  • To be present with you in every moment of your work
  • To give her best efforts to help you to gain your freedom from suffering and internal obstacles, and move into development of greater strength, resilience, health and vitality;
  • To provide you with a secure and engaging space in which you can work on developing a better relationship with the most important person in your life – yourself, as well as to help you to learn how to be your own good friend no matter what life throws at you.

Valeria Zoteyeva’s current registration

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority – Full generalist registration with Health Psychology Endorsement
Board approved Psychology Supervisor, Registrar program principal supervisor, Area of practice: Health psychology  
Australian Psychological Society – Full member, Eligible for membership of APS College of Health Psychologists
Registered Medicare provider
Registered Workcover provider

Professional training

1996 – 2002, Specialist training in Psychology (combined four-years undergraduate and two-year postgraduate training), Qualification: Psychologist/Lecturer in Psychology with specialisation in performance and organisational psychology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
2008-2012, Master of Psychology (Health), Monash University, Melbourne Australia
2012, Registrar program towards gaining Health Psychology endorsement with Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority, with the main focus on chronic pain.
2016 Certificate in Sleep Psychology, Australian Psychological Society
2018-2019, Core training in Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Los Angeles, USA
2019 – current, Core training  Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Melbourne, Australia 
2018-current Individual supervision sessions with Dr John Rathauser

In addition, over the course of the past 10 years Valeria Zoteyeva attended several hundreds hours of other professional development activities. These include but not limited to multiple clinical workshops and training in:

  • ISTDP (with A.Abbass, J.Rathauser,  J. Frederickson, P. Coughlin, and T. Brod),
  • Emotion focused therapy (with L. Greenberg),
  • Advanced schema therapy training (with C. Hays) and Schema therapy training for couples,
  • Suicide prevention,
  • Trauma focused therapy,
  • Acceptance commitment and Mindfulness, etc.

Individual Services

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre provides high quality intensive treatment to individuals, couples and groups for difficulties related to internal regulation.

Medical and allied health

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to promoting quality knowledge about and training in evidence based highly effective treatment modality called Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) for the range of mental and physical problems related to disruption in emotional regulation and anxiety, including a wide range of psychophysiological problems.

Corporate Health

MHPC is dedicated to providing you with the service or intervention which will not only focus on addressing current problems and obstacles to the peak performance, but will also allow for a long-term positive growth at multiple levels and dimensions of your company. We are particularly passionate about assisting individuals and groups to achieve an optimal balance between their best performance and an effective recovery routine, both of which will stimulate their health and wellbeing, in a way which can be sustained long term.


Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to empowering people with knowledge and education about psychological health and difficulties. In our blog posts we aim to provide you the knowledge that our clients found the most helpful, so you can start using it in your life straight away. However, we do encourage you to consider that in order for you to fully address the difficulties it is important that you work together a qualified specialist and don't carry the burden of your problems on your shoulders on your own.


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