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Individual therapy
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MHPC provides result oriented therapy, which starts from the very first minute and begins with clearly defining the problem which then becomes the focus of our therapy work. At all times psychotherapy work is a caring collaboration between a client and a therapist which is driven by the client’s choices and psychologist’s support and guidance.

Many of our clients have reported that learning to own and undersand their internal experiences – instead of becoming disconnected, fearful, or sick person, often without even realising that – made a world of difference to their health and life in general. They also frequently report that having learned to see when they are driven by their deeper fears instead of their genuine feelings and needs, allowed them to be a stronger, freer, more effective and happier individual.

In the process of evaluation of the client’s core difficulties and their corresponding psychological needs, we considers many contributing factors, such as emotional and physical capacity, motivation and willingness to change, self-awareness, as well as their current circumstances, all of which then shape the treatment plan.

In order to allow for the evaluation process to be as thorough as possible we strongly encourage that our new clients plan for an initial 2 hour session during which both the comprehensive assessment of the difficulties and the work towards resolving the core difficulties is taking place. However if having a double session feels too overwhelming – we are happy to have an initial single session and then just take it from there. While most of our clients were happy to have a double session as their first or a second session, in some rare circumstances higher frequently of single sessions is more desirable.

In addition, we know that it can be overwhelming and anxiety provoking for anyone to find the right therapist and that it why you can read in more details about our psychologist’s approach, training and experience here, as well as below you have an option to organise a brief phone conversation free of charge, before you decide to organise your first appointment.

The price for the individual session is 220$ for a single appointment and 420$ for a double appointment during the week and 240$ for a single session and 450$ for a double session on a Saturday. A limited number of a reduced fee places are available, and you are welcome to inquire about those directly.

In response to Medicare reducing a number of rebatable psychology sessions from the 1st of January 2023 depending on your needs are offering different structures for psychological treatment. Which structure is right for you will be discussed with you individually, and it will depend on your therapy needs and goals, and the amount of work that needs to be done to achieve those. The aim of the more intense structure is to allow for more therapy time for those who need it in the most cost efficient way. In any case, please be aware that in order to receive a Medicare rebate you will need to have a Mental health plan from your GP prior to your appointment (or on the same day the latest).

For more information on pricing and rebates please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

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