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Medical and
allied health

MHPC is passionate about promoting knowledge about and training in highly effective evidence-based treatment modality called Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) for the following range of problems related to disruption in emotional regulation and anxiety problems:

  • Depression and Anxiety problems
  • Intimacy and sexual problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Disordered eating, food cravings and lack of appetite.
  • Performance stagnation and difficulty achieving personal best
  • Difficulties to effectively recover after high performance
  • Interpersonal and relationship(s) problems
  • A wide range of psycho-physiological problems (also referred to as somatic or body-mind syndromes).**

** Psycho-physiological problems can include: headaches, chest pain, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, stomach aches and nausea, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle weakness, hyperventilation, vulvodynia, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal cramps/pains, nausea, irritable bladder/bladder spasms, coronary artery spasm, hypertension, migraine, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, hives, chronic tendinitis.

In order to promote more awareness about the effectiveness of intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy treatment for psychophysiological/ somatic conditions to primary care, MHPC offers free information sessions on the internal mechanisms of development and maintenance of those problems and what needs to take place in order to heal from those.

In addition to extensive ISTDP training our Health Psychologist has completed comprehensive trainings in most evidence based treatment modalities, such as cognitive and behavioural interventions for a range of chronic health conditions, cognitive behaviour therapy, emotion focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, schema therapy, and mindfulness. We provide individual and group supervision for registered and provisional psychologists, and educational workshops for psychologists and other allied health and medical practitioners.

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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is committed to providing highly effective evidence-based treatment to individuals, couples and groups for difficulties related to internal regulation and their further negative impact on person’s psychological, social, and physical health and performance.

We offer individual therapy for the range of problems outlined above and our group therapy and psycho-educational classes are designed to boost and practice the knowledge related to the range of the related problems.

MHPC takes the quality of care for our clients very seriously and we are fully committed to our clients getting real long lasting results out of their therapy. That is why many of our clients initially feel simultaneously surprised by how active the work in our sessions is and pleased because they see the benefits of it.

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MHPC is dedicated to providing best quality of teaching together with most enjoyable learning experience that we can. We aim to provide optimal learning experience with the right balance between the intensity of learning and the opportunity to process, reflect on and absorb the new material. The supervision is provided either online or in-person and is offered either individually or in a small (up to 3 people) group.

Our teaching is oriented not only to helping you to develop a good level of knowledge and skills in psychological treatment, but also to growing as a caring, mature and independent treating practitioner. It consists of objective and supportive review of you individual work followed by discussion and feedback, as well as offering recommendations for future actions, which frequently include assigned reading, and practice and review of own work between the supervision sessions.

The blockage of psychological and emotional processes can result in altered autonomic, endocrine, and immune system activities which then result in somatic presentations. In addition, experience of anxiety related to strong emotions can be experienced in the form of physical symptoms (the stronger the avoided emotions the higher the anxiety and the more debilitating the symptoms are).

Psychophysiological conditions are frequently seen in primary care and is a cause of frustrations and anxiety for many doctors. Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is passionate about promoting awareness about complex relationships between physical and mental health and as a part of our promotion campaign we offer local medical practices free information sessions on the topic of psychophysiological problems and other problems associated with anxiety (e.g. sleep and disordered eating problems). In this session you can learn about main groups of psycho-physiological problems according to the pathway for anxiety discharge, as well as the internal mechanisms of their development and maintenance.

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