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Melbourne Health
Psychology Centre

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre (MHPC) provides unique evidence-based treatment for a wide range of psychological problems. At MHPC we firmly believe that for therapy to be most effective it is essential to uncover and address ‘core’ problems that underlie client issues, rather than simply treat presenting symptoms. MHPC empowers clients with psychological knowledge and skills to achieve personal fulfillment and psychological growth and it is our holistic approach that minimises the recurrence of psychological problems for our clients in the future.

The MHPC key values are integrity and thriving for excellence

The main principles that guide our professional conduct (in line with the APS Code of Ethics) are:

  • Do no harm: always listen and help the client with their immediate fears and suffering
  • Be honest and caring: promote awareness in a supportive manner
  • Respect and encourage: provide safe and dynamic space to grow
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Meet our Psychologist

Our Principal Psychologist Valeria Zoteyeva is highly passionate about helping her clients to gain freedom from internal fears, isolation,and suffering so they can achieve good levels of mental fitness and engagement, to live their lives to their full potential. Valeria honours honest, caring and open collaboration with every client. Her approach is active, meticulous,and persistent, yet very personal, and she believes that comprehensive change is possible in a reasonable time-frame. Many of Valeria’s clients report significant long-term improvement that continues to positively impact their lives over time. 

Valeria holds full generalist psychology registration under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) with Health Psychology Endorsement. Valeria is also a board approved Psychology Supervisor for the supervision of postgraduate psychology students.  Valeria has many years of experience working in private practices, public and private hospitals, universities, and other non-for-profit and corporate organizations in Australia and overseas. She is a registered Medicare and Workcover provider, working predominantly with clients aged 14 through to 65 years of age.

Valeria completed her registrar program in chronic pain and is also a Certified Sleep Psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society (APS). She is also a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, Australian Pain Society, The Australian and New Zealand Headache Society, Australian Eating Disorders Collaboration, and International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association

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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre provides highly effective evidence based psychological treatment for difficulties related to emotion regulation, such as anxiety, depression and low mood, relationships problems, intimacy problems, and self-defeating and self-sabotaging tendencies.


Melbourne Health Psychology Centre offers highly effective evidence based psychological treatment for a range of psycho-physiological symptoms (also known as somatic, medically unexplained, body-mind or mind-body syndromes), as well as sleep problems, disordered eating problems and eating disorders, and sexual problems.

and flourishing

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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre focuses not only on working through psychological and health problems, but also offers psychological interventions which will stimulate long-term positive growth at multiple levels and dimensions of your life. We are particularly passionate about assisting individuals and groups to achieve an optimal balance between living life to its fullest and achieving own best performance and an effective recovery routine, both of which will stimulate their health and well-being, in a way that is sustained long term.

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to empowering people with knowledge and education about psychological health and difficulties. In our blog posts we aim to provide you the knowledge that our clients found the most helpful, so you can start using it in your life straight away.



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