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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre (MHPC, previously Being Well Psychology) provides evidence based high quality intensive treatment, such as problem focused CBT and  Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) for a wide range of psychological problems. While many psychological treatments are mostly focused on symptom relief, we firmly believe that for the therapy to be most effective it is crucial to address both the symptoms AND the underlying ‘core’ problem, so that the problems do not return, and to help an individual to move towards psychological growth and fulfillment. 

We consider our main task to be helping our clients to gain freedom from internal fears, isolation, and suffering, and to help them to achieve a good level of mental fitness which will allow them to live their lives up to their full potential both psychologically and physically.

Because of our active, meticulous, persistent, yet personal approach based on honest, caring and open collaboration many of our clients report significant long-term improvement, which only continue to grow and to have a more positive impact on their lives with time.

Our basic values are integrity and thriving for excellence.

The main principles that guide MHPC professional conduct are:

      • Do no harm: always listen and help the client with their immediate fears and suffering
      • Be honest and caring: promote awareness in a supportive manner
      • Respect and encourage: provide safe and dynamic space to grow.
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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is committed to providing evidence based high quality intensive treatment to individuals, couples and groups for difficulties related to internal regulation  and their further negative impact on person’s psychological, social, and physical health and performance.

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to promoting quality knowledge about and training in evidence based highly effective treatment modality called Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) for the range of mental and physical problems related to disruption in emotional regulation and anxiety, including a wide range of psychophysiological problems.

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Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to providing you with the service or intervention which will not only focus on addressing current problems and obstacles to the peak performance, but will also allow for a long-term positive growth at multiple levels and dimensions of your company. We are particularly passionate about assisting individuals and groups to achieve an optimal balance between their best performance and an effective recovery routine, both of which will stimulate their health and well-being, in a way that can be sustained long term.

Melbourne Health Psychology Centre is dedicated to empowering people with knowledge and education about psychological health and difficulties. In our blog posts we aim to provide you the knowledge that our clients found the most helpful, so you can start using it in your life straight away.

However, we do encourage you to consider that in order for you to fully address the difficulties it is important that you work together a qualified specialist and don’t carry the burden of your problems on your own.



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